Market entry

We speak your language and can offer you a variety of options and solutions.

Start your expansion and focus on new customers

AA new distribution or representation can cost a lot more and requires a special challenge and lengthy organization. ADF-Project offers solutions tailored to your needs, which can be combined with different options that can be expanded and downgraded at any time. So you can focus on the expansion and devote their company without great loss of time and without major investments. Because of the possibilities we offer, there are no fixed and long-term contracts that you normally can not avoid

  • From the start, we provide all the support you need to quickly and stably set up and expand your business
  • Outsourcing of distribution, sales and expensive measures
  • In the course of the expansion, further investments can be made that will benefit your company or the private sector
  • Our offshore services include possible tax savings that are treated with experts in Germany, Switzerland and UK, Europe or other places. Depending on the current company structure
  • Before heading out in the laborinth, please contact us