Offline Strategy

Together we will set the optimal strategy for your expansion and settlement.

Initial steps before starts

In order to get direct contact to important decision makers in the market, personal contact continues to play a decisive role and is of existential importance for many companies. Our B2B opportunities in combination with online and offline marketing for suppliers, wholesaler, importer and exporter offer new challenges and opportunities to efficiently present themselves to potential customers and establish contacts directly at the new location.

Offline business development is indispensable to establish stable business development at all levels at the new location. Our strengths:

  • Trade and marketing organisation (from start to end)
  • Distrubution & keyaccount channel
  • Sales and services
  • Offline marketing strategy
  • Outsourcing service
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Business company registration service: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, UK, USA (UG, GMBH, HOLDING, AG, SL, SAS, LTD and more)
  • Account & Moneytransfer service
  • Tax and law service by professionals
  • Longterm private and business support
  • Possible residency, citizenship and private advantages
  • If you need more service just ask us